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Top Reads, Week of 9/24/18

Check out our top three reads of the week. They cover the challenges and opportunities facing American communities right now. This week, we're delving into middle neighborhoods, what happens when hospitals take on housing work, and an Opportunity Zones mapping tool.

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Making the Case for America’s Middle Neighborhoods
By Kelly Regan, Next City, and Stephanie Sung, The American Assembly, with research by Brianna Williams

Today, nearly half of all residents of U.S. cities live in a middle neighborhood. It’s not a place where real estate is hot, or where prices skyrocket and cause displacement. Nor is it a place in distress, overwhelmed by vacancy and neglect. Middle neighborhoods are racially and socio-economically diverse, historically home to working- and middle-class families. They provide critical opportunities for upward mobility.  Continue [+]...

The Healthy Neighborhood, Healthy Families Initiative
By Kelly Kelleher, Jason Reece, Megan Sandel

Extreme poverty and the associated effects, such as blight, housing insecurity, and crime, have debilitating consequences on child development. Health care institutions are largely ineffective in changing those outcomes 1 child at a time. We present a case study of a hospital treating the adjacent neighborhood as a “patient” to address social determinants. Continue [+]...

Opportunity Zones Explorer
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has created this interactive tool as a way to visualize Opportunity Zone data. The map allows one to see where there is investment and gentrification risk at the county level. Continue [+]...

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