Our Stories

2.14.2018 -

Steeped in Black History, MACE Elevates—and Celebrates—the Delta

In recognition of Black History Month, we are spotlighting the Mississippi-based group MACE, a longtime LISC partner with an illustrious past rooted in the Civil Rights movement, and a deep and continuing track record of comprehensive community development. Before anyone ever called it that.

A Creative Approach to ‘Place’

In the final post of his blog series, Chris Walker, LISC’s director of research, explains how creative placemaking leverages the power of local artists, culture and history to create economic opportunity and improve their overall quality of life in urban and rural communities alike.

10.04.2017 -

Forging Skilled Workers in a New Kind of Steel Yard

The Steel Yard, a refurbished former metalworking plant in Providence, RI and longtime LISC partner, functions as an industrial arts and jobs training center. Its Weld to Work program readies un- and underemployed residents to take on living-wage positions in the metal trades and is now an official part of the state’s new workforce development initiative, Real Jobs Rhode Island.

9.27.2017 -

Picture Latino Heritage: Partnerships and Projects in Our Communities

As part of LISC's recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, we look back, and forward, to essential collaborations in Latino communities all across the country.

9.15.2017 -

There’s More to Transit-oriented Development Than Meets the Eye

Apart from transit itself, it takes a constellation of assets like affordable housing, thriving businesses, community space, arts and culture to make a transit neighborhood tick. This year's Rail~Volution conference in Denver, CO, which brings together transit and development practitioners from across the U.S., will highlight what it takes to make TOD inclusive. So that transit neighborhoods benefit all residents, new and old. The photo series below shows some of the facets of LISC's equitable TOD work across the country.