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Our Strength Comes From Our Diversity

This month, as our country celebrates LGBTQ pride, we at LISC reaffirm our commitment to supporting inclusive and equitable communities.

Scaling a Program that Stops Diabetes in its Tracks

With a $1.33 million grant to deploy the innovative Pay for Success model, LISC is helping scale promising programs that benefit communities in all kinds of ways. For starters, we’re working in Michigan to broaden the reach of the Diabetes Prevention Program, which has a national track record in reducing incidence of the disease and its debilitating impact on low-income communities of color.

Data Draws a Line from Housing Policy to Economic Progress

Does investment in affordable housing support social and economic gains? The data certainly indicates that it does, says Chris Walker, LISC’s director of research. As part of our occasional series on community development research, Walker takes a closer look at studies that analyze the impact of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit. It's a compelling body of evidence that not only reflects decades of development work but informs current efforts to spur economic opportunity for low-income people across the country.

5.11.2017 -

Against Many Odds, a Single Mother of Seven Climbs Toward Financial Stability

In honor of Mother’s Day, we are sharing the story of Milwaukee native Donnalisa Guzman, who has overcome countless hurdles to land a rewarding, living-wage job and peace of mind. A LISC FOC helped her make it happen.

5.08.2017 -

Putting Affordable Housing Preservation on the Map

In the District of Columbia, where rising housing costs outpace growth in household earnings, quality affordable housing is elusive for many and a major source of stress for low-income families. LISC DC published a StoryMap that highlights our 2016 investments in the preservation of affordable housing. It shares the stories of residents and the team of partners from the public and private sectors that work together to ensure that we maintain DC's affordable housing for today’s residents and future generations.

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