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Healthcare Partnerships That Help Heal People and Communities

In a blog for the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Healthcare Quarterly, LISC CEO Maurice A. Jones makes the case for pioneering partnerships between healthcare organizations and community development, uniting to upend the roots of poor health. LISC’s collaborations with ProMedica and Bon Secours Health System, among other companies, are powerful examples of how our combined assets, knowledge and experience can begin to close America’s longevity gap.

The Power—and Primacy—of Partnerships

At a recent presentation about the role of cross-sector partnerships and community reinvestment sponsored by the Federal Reserve of San Francisco, LISC CEO Maurice A. Jones stressed the importance of tapping new relationships, and redefining long-standing ones, in order to effectively pursue our shared missions. He pointed to LISC's alliances with the health (ProMedica), sports (NFL) and tech (Facebook) fields as examples of partnerships that combine insight and investment to support the people and places we care about, and as a result, fuel a competitive economy.

1.31.2018 -

Field of Dreams Come True

A 20-year partnership between LISC and the NFL Foundation has built or renovated more than 350 playing fields in communities across the country. An article in Next City reports on how these collaborations in the Twin Cities, host of Super Bowl LII, have nurtured and inspired generations of young people there—including St. Paul’s first African-American mayor.

1.31.2018 -

What Will the NFL Coaches Be Wearing This Sunday? Just ask LISC Indy!

If you’re watching the Super Bowl this Sunday, look carefully: every single coach in the entire league now wears a  Diamondback “communications” tool belt, and every referee studies replays on a Microsoft Surface tablet with a Diamondback case. So what’s the LISC angle? In Indianapolis, we’ve been a longtime supporter of Ruckus, a makerspace where Diamondback Toolbelts prototyped the NFL products. What’s more, Diamondback’s new owner, Michael Williams, even hired a client of one of our Financial Opportunity Centers to help his small business grow.

You Gotta Have Park

Common sense, and reams of research, tell us that safe, accessible park and recreational facilities are essential for active, healthy communities. In an article for the journal Parks and Recreation, Beverly Smith, director of LISC Sports & Recreation, deconstructs the many layers of funding, partnership and community will that go into creating these critical neighborhood assets.