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10.13.2017 -

In San Diego, LISC is an Engine that Accelerates Opportunity

An in-depth article in the San Diego Union Tribune touted LISC’s new fund to spur affordable housing creation in a city facing a serious shortage. We beg to differ with the “little-known” descriptor in the article’s title, but the account of LISC’s 25 years of work in underinvested San Diego neighborhoods illustrates our role perfectly.

10.12.2017 -

Diving Into a “Whole New Ocean of Capital”

Earlier this year, when LISC raised $100 million in the first-ever initial public offering of a CDFI bond, it broached a brave, new world of 21st-century nonprofit financing. An article in Next City details why tapping new capital is so important for community development today, and how LISC is leading the charge to access the market in innovative ways.

9.28.2017 -

Smart Fixes for the Bay Area’s Housing Crisis

In a letter to the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, LISC CEO Maurice Jones urges support for policies and development that can solve the crisis of affordable housing, and housing affordability, in the hot Bay Area market.

9.27.2017 -

LISC’s Deep Commitment to Rural Needs and Rural Opportunity

In interviews with RFD-TV during last month’s Rural LISC seminar in Bozeman, MT, LISC CEO Maurice Jones, and Suzanne Anarde, vice president and director of Rural LISC, talked about the challenges and extraordinary opportunities of investing in rural places. New initiatives to leverage talent, combat the opioid epidemic and nurture partnerships with Native America are all part of a broad plan of action to connect rural communities with the country’s prosperity.

From Rural LISC  
9.20.2017 -

A New Lease on the Life of a Library, Thanks to a LISC Board Member

An op-ed in the New York Times touts the inspired work of LISC board member Michelle de la Uz and the Fifth Avenue Committee, our longtime partner. The organization is helping build affordable housing atop a branch library in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn—one of many city libraries that serves as a community resource center for a diverse, historically underinvested area. LISC New York made a $250K predevelopment loan and NEF has committed more than $10 million in equity.

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