Affordable Housing Funds Build on Experience

This report breaks down the range of affordable housing loan funds, the partnerships involved in developing them, and how they serve communities within their unique regional geographies. Drawing on the experience of experts in the field, the report sums up lessons for new investors and others who bring perspectives beyond the traditional boundaries of the community development field.

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Arts, Culture, & Community Mental Health

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Journey to Creative Placemaking: Lessons and Insights

Reflections, learnings and insights on Creative Placemaking are shared in this series of white papers from The Kresge Foundation’s Arts & Culture team in concert with partners from different fields and sectors.

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Community Land Trusts & Community Development: Partners Against Displacement

A new LISC white paper examines how partnerships between Community Land Trusts (CLTs) and community development institutions can scale up and sustain land trusts so as to begin to impact displacement at the neighborhood level.

The Outcomes-Based Line of Credit: A New Model for Investing in Social Impact

A new LISC white paper and excel model explore how credit facilities can be an effective tool to help social service providers scale their programs and services using outcomes-based financing.