5.14.2019 -

Essential Practices for an Effective Board of Directors

Nonprofit boards serve a critical purpose: to determine their organizations' mission and guide them in achieving it effectively and efficiently. In a rapidly changing environment, each board member and officer plays a key leadership role, and must manage a wide variety of critical issues — both long-term and urgent in nature. The objective of this training is to give you knowledge and tools that can expand your ability to lead your organization and ensure its continued strength.

5.02.2019 -

Letter from the Editor: Supporting Entrepreneurs of Color

Read our Letter from the Editor to learn how CDFIS are supporting entrepreneurs of color, and why it is so important for the industry.

5.02.2019 -

Supporting Entrepreneurs of Color

Learn more about the unique roles that CDFIs play in supporting minority entrepreneurs in overcoming roadblocks.

4.23.2019 -

An Eviction Prevention Toolkit: Using a Financial Capability Approach to Prevent Evictions

In this presentation, learn more about the value of operating an Eviction Prevention Program (EPP), basic information about program structuring, examples of existing programs, and insights to help you create or revise an existing program.

4.19.2019 -

LISC Institute Presents: Outcomes-based Line of Credit: A New Model for Investing in Social Impact

In this webinar, speakers from LISC, the Reinvestment Fund, and the Nonprofit Finance Fund walk participants through the Outcomes-Based Line of Credit, a new model exploring how credit facilities can be an effective tool to help social service providers scale their programs and services using outcomes-based financing.