3.22.2019 -

Principles for Building Healthy and Prosperous Communities

The Principles for Building Healthy and Prosperous Communities are intended to frame and guide efforts across sectors working toward achieving an equitable future where fair opportunity is an outcome for all.

Arts, Culture, & Community Mental Health

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3.05.2019 -

Food Systems & Development Finance

This paper from CDFA, makes the case for defining a food systems asset class that directs development finance to food-related activity, supporting the growth of a food system that is economically stimulating and provides community improvements.

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2.15.2019 -

Healthy Food & Community Change Initiative

The Tisch Illumination Fund released this five-year report on Healthy Food & Community Change Initiative, which supports LISC NYC's Communities for Healthy Food Program

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1.07.2019 -

CHAM Webinar: LISC Boston's Green and Healthy Work

This webinar highlights LISC Boston's Green Retrofit Initiative, which helps multifamily affordable housing owners build their capacity to implement energy efficient and clean energy technology, transition to safer cleaning products and pest management techniques, and go smoke-free in their buildings.