4.04.2019 -

Webinar: Partners against Displacement: Community Land Trusts and Community Development

Anyone interested in community land trusts and how partnerships with the community development sector are being used to bring about new pipeline and new resources for permanently affordable housing should watch this recording.

Affordable Housing Funds Build on Experience

This report breaks down the range of affordable housing loan funds, the partnerships involved in developing them, and how they serve communities within their unique regional geographies. Drawing on the experience of experts in the field, the report sums up lessons for new investors and others who bring perspectives beyond the traditional boundaries of the community development field.

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3.21.2019 -

LISC Institute Webinar: Richard Rothstein on the Color of Law

During this webinar, Mr. Rothstein presents the book’s major themes, and then takes questions from the audience. Anyone interested in learning more about the history of redlining in the United States, and the ongoing effects of the practice, should watch the recording.

Community Land Trusts & Community Development: Partners Against Displacement

A new LISC white paper examines how partnerships between Community Land Trusts (CLTs) and community development institutions can scale up and sustain land trusts so as to begin to impact displacement at the neighborhood level.

2.01.2019 -

How to Fund Land Banks

According to the Center for Community Progress there are more than 170 land banks now in operation, this article from Shelterforce explores how they are funded.