1.18.2019 -

How to do Creative Placemaking Webinar Series

The webinar series, How to Do Creative Placemaking, offers practical and tactical advice for local leaders, artists, and community development practitioners.

1.18.2019 -

LISC Institute Webinar: Local Housing Solutions

The webinar covers how practitioners can engage with Local Housing Solutions, and features a deeper-dive into the site's policy framework.

1.15.2019 -

Letter from the Editor: Spotlight on the State of the CDFI Industry

While the issues CDFIs focus on, such as financing affordable housing, are receiving an unprecedented level of public attention, the industry faces ever-mounting funding threats, particularly at the federal level, and increased competition, both from new entrants and each other.

1.14.2019 -

Q&A: Tim Ferguson and Fran Seegull Offer Insights Into the Future of CDFIs

The LISC Institute spoke recently with two industry experts to get their perspectives on the state of the CDFI industry today.

1.07.2019 -

CHAM Webinar: LISC Boston's Green and Healthy Work

This webinar highlights LISC Boston's Green Retrofit Initiative, which helps multifamily affordable housing owners build their capacity to implement energy efficient and clean energy technology, transition to safer cleaning products and pest management techniques, and go smoke-free in their buildings.