Products & Services

Putting capital and expertise where it's needed most

What do you call an organization that invests money in community groups working to revitalize disinvested neighborhoods? A Community Development Financial Institution, or CDFI. LISC’s role as a non-profit CDFI is to provide capital to projects in low-income, disadvantaged and underserved communities at affordable rates. There are nearly 1,000 CDFIs in the country and we are one of the largest. We are profitable, but we are not profit-maximizing. We put community first.

“If you're an investor who wants a proven model for doing well by doing good, you should contact LISC for opportunities.”
— President Bill Clinton in “Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World”

We offer this capital to local nonprofit developers, small businesses and other service providers who may not be able to get credit in the conventional marketplace. Our loans have financed affordable housing, supermarkets, schools, health centers and other vital community projects. And we bring equity primarily mainly through our investment companies, to projects in housing, retail and commercial centers, small businesses and cultural districts.

All told, we have invested
$18.6 billion
in communities across the country

But LISC is more than a financial institution. Our products and services include strategic and organizational support for local groups through our network of on-the-ground staff, who are ready and able to provide expertise and technical assistance.

We serve as everything from convener to broker to management consultant. And we back up these services with grants that support our community partners’ operations, including staff, office upgrades and seed capital for new programming. We also provide training for community leaders online and in person.

Whatever our partners need to carry out the crucial work of connecting people and places to opportunity, we endeavor to provide.