376,191 affordable homes and apartments 

63 million square feet of commercial, retail and community space including:

  • 223 early childhood centers serving 23,617 children each year
  • 207 schools financed serving 81,708 students each year
  • 366 recreational spaces
  • 80 health-related projects 
  • 90 healthy food projects, including grocery stores and farmers markets
  • 80 Financial Opportunity Centers
  • 29 theater and performance spaces
  • plus 100s of other retail, arts and community projects

Our investments impact the lives of millions of low-income Americans.

LISC's vision is a holistic one based on the belief that the strength and competitiveness of our economy ultimately depend on giving everyone an opportunity to participate and contribute.
— FDIC Chairman Martin J. Gruenberg
Yes, people live better in the places where LISC works

An evaluation of our Building Sustainable Communities effort

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